Friday, December 30, 2011

Nothing more dangerous...

Yesterday's post was a little on the serious side. It raises a question, however - given that on my web and in various interviews on other people's blogs, I've stated my writing is primarily to entertain, to provide escapist release from the mundane, yesterday's blog was a little hypocritical - yes?

Well, sorry but I don't agree. Novelists throughout history have used their writing to critique social, and other, issues, and I'm no exception. The good ol' days of Punch and MAD magazines (the former since 1841 and the later far more recently) have always been sources of satirical comment hiding behind entertainment. In a previous post I mentioned Charles Dickens whose works contain a healthy dose of social comment, often in a whimsical vein. And I don't have to mention 1984, Animal Farm, Pride and Prejudice, A Midsummer Night's Dream... there are far too many others to name. I consider myself in more than good company.

If you read 2012 you'll encounter numerous sideways swipes at everything from Coke-addiction, to gun-proliferation. Be warned, there will be more, with an even stronger message, in Full Disclosure, due out May.

Will I end-up offending someone? ...I hope so. There's nothing more dangerous than an active mind!

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