Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Guests: 14 Outstanding Writers

Over the past few months I have invited a number of writing friends to share their thoughts as my guests on this blog. As some of you may have missed these excellent articles, here is the list of all who have appeared to date, with direct links to their posts:

J.E. Ryder

Learning the Writing Craft 
- A Long Road Travelled

Michael W. Sherer

For God’s Sake, Get It Right!

Susan Mac Nicol

Ahh - the pleasure and gratification of author research ...and its rather surprising impacts

Wodke Hawkinson

The Three C’s of Collaboration

Thomas Block

A writing journey

Stephen Leather

The Writer & Book Reviews

Paul A. Rice

Why I Write & Why You Should...

Jonel Boyko

Book Reviewing - a Master Class

Jordyn Redwood

Story ideas

Fleur Ferris

Don't waste opportunities - be prepared to take your manuscript all the way

John Dolan

Playing A Round Writing

C. N. James

Are Independent Authors the New Publishing Paradigm?

Amy Joy

The Rise of Digital Books

Seumas Gallacher

…throwing a spammer in the works …(or, letting it all hang out there…) 

That's 14 very busy people who have gone out of their way to write an original post especially for you, dear reader, so please tell your friends about them and read their contributions. 

A heartfelt Thank You once again to all of my Guests for your time, effort and insights.

More Guests shortly - Check back often!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Discovering a New Force in Thriller Writing

“Reminiscent of the suspense of a Frederick Forsyth before settling into the pace of a James Patterson and the bangs per buck of Andy McNab.”

“Not only is this story itself full of suspense, but Gates' method of writing keeps you on the edge of your seat. He uses short, concise sentences to set the mood at times, and switches to longer, more flowing sentences to tone down other scenes. This author grasps not only the power of words but also the power of sentence structure within the novel. He manages to bring absolute chaos to life so that you feel like you are living it with the characters.”

That is what top book reviewers are saying about thriller writer

Eric J. Gates

His writing has also been compared to that of Lee Child, Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, Robert Ludlum and even the ‘24’ TV series.

His latest thriller, Leaving Shadows, is no exception and has already garnered 5 Star reviews on Amazon.

Over the last few years this ex-computer security/cyberwarfare consultant and martial arts expert has built up a solid following for his fast-paced thrillers. His pulse-racing novels mix real, contemporary events with a touch of the unusual; always creating a fresh and original approach to the subjects he tackles. Even his characters stand out as people you would like to meet, or not, in real life.

“Imagine that all your world, all you know and understand, all you accept as true, all the rules you live by, all of it were contained within a circle drawn with a thick black border. Outside that circle, there be dragons… and vampires, assassins, covert agencies, aliens… Well, my books dance along that black border, occasionally meandering outside to give things a good shake up.” (Eric J. Gates in a recent interview with Nick LeVar on Authors of the Free World.)

Eric has four thriller novels available in paperback and e-book format from AMAZON:

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Leaving ShadowsWhen is a kidnapping not a kidnapping? A page-turning spy thriller where deceit and lies abound and nothing is as it seems.

“The twists and turns that Gates takes serve to keep the action moving and the reader's mouth hanging open.”

“Gates gives the classic [spy] thriller a thoroughly modern upgrade.”

The first in a new action-packed series.

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the CULL – What if vampires were real? A deadly manhunt ensues as a young, reckless ex-FBI agent is partnered with an ex-NSA spy and tasked to eliminate a serial killer. The hunters soon become the hunted!

“An original take on the Vampire myth and some wonderfully sympathetic characters.” 

“This was by far one of the best suspense novels that I have read in a long time.” 

"James Patterson meets Dan Brown, while remaining entirely unique.”

Eric is currently working on two sequels to this novel
 - Yes, 'the CULL' is shortly to become a Trilogy!

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Full Disclosure – A dying Texas town finds itself on the front lines of a covert war when the President reveals Mankind’s Greatest Secret.

“Overall I was excessively surprised throughout the novel. Gates combines detail and writing style to create a thrilling ride for his readers” 

“The interweaving of characters and personalities is so well performed that you find yourself living the part.”

Discover why people keep saying that 'Full Disclosure' would make a great movie, or a TV Miniseries.

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2012 – Against a backdrop of International tension and global disasters, an ex-Special Ops soldier, with nothing to lose, and the daughter of an MIT robotics engineer race to stop the End of the World.

“There are surprises as the individual tales slowly weave together for a truly satisfying ending. I found this to be one you didn't want to put down!”

“...take an obscure group who wish to change the way the world operates... throw in a splash or more of devious activity at tomb excavations in Egypt... global disasters and upheavals... a dissolute ex-special ops hero with a renewed purpose to live... mayhem galore.. don't blink or you'll miss some of it... great action... wonderful pace... terrific yarn... enjoyable read...”

So real, its will immerge you in its events - mind you don't get your feet wet.

And remember: all of Eric J. Gates' thrillers have Inside Secrets - check them out at

You might also discover how to appear as a character in one of Eric's thrillers...

A final word from one of Eric's readers:

"I have sadly learnt that once you pick up one of Eric J. Gates’ books, life as you know it ceases. From page one, it is non-stop and enjoyable; a read you will not regret."

You have been warned!

Thriller Writer Eric J. Gates is also on Twitter here