Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Guests: 14 Outstanding Writers

Over the past few months I have invited a number of writing friends to share their thoughts as my guests on this blog. As some of you may have missed these excellent articles, here is the list of all who have appeared to date, with direct links to their posts:

J.E. Ryder

Learning the Writing Craft 
- A Long Road Travelled

Michael W. Sherer

For God’s Sake, Get It Right!

Susan Mac Nicol

Ahh - the pleasure and gratification of author research ...and its rather surprising impacts

Wodke Hawkinson

The Three C’s of Collaboration

Thomas Block

A writing journey

Stephen Leather

The Writer & Book Reviews

Paul A. Rice

Why I Write & Why You Should...

Jonel Boyko

Book Reviewing - a Master Class

Jordyn Redwood

Story ideas

Fleur Ferris

Don't waste opportunities - be prepared to take your manuscript all the way

John Dolan

Playing A Round Writing

C. N. James

Are Independent Authors the New Publishing Paradigm?

Amy Joy

The Rise of Digital Books

Seumas Gallacher

…throwing a spammer in the works …(or, letting it all hang out there…) 

That's 14 very busy people who have gone out of their way to write an original post especially for you, dear reader, so please tell your friends about them and read their contributions. 

A heartfelt Thank You once again to all of my Guests for your time, effort and insights.

More Guests shortly - Check back often!

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