Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Magnificent writing

I've just finished reviewing "The Physics of Love and Letting Go" by Kasia on

Not often do I come across a piece of writing so enjoyable, it makes me sit back with a stupid grin on my face, but this is the case here. The author behind the pen-name of Kasia has really made my day with this beautifully written introduction to a novel.

This sums up all I like about YouWriteOn. Over the nine months I've been reading and reviewing submissions by fellow writers, I have come across a few that have stood out from the mean. And that's not to say that the mean is by any way "average". The general standard of writing on this site is exceptional. What's even better is the spirit with which almost everyone reviews each other's work in such a positive fashion. You do get the occasional exception, but the site's moderators quickly put an end to people who don't understand the word "constructive".

Although the site is UK in origin, the writers are from all over the world. If you write, join in. The input from the reviews I receive for the introductory chapters for my new novel have been invaluable. Also if you just like reading and wish to discover the names of tomorrow, this is the place. It's 100% free.

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