Thursday, January 17, 2013

The writer’s worst enemy

Perhaps, t'was last night’s TV; something you heard or saw,
Requiring a call, maybe, to friends, for a caw.

Or maybe it’s drinking tea; savouring the hot cup’s feel.
Could be important, see; might be a big deal.

Real interest easy to fake; when no one’s watching you.
About all you can take: the blank page, no clue.

Still there’s the dog to walk; another excuse with ease,
To family and friends you talk, ‘bout whatever you darn well please.

It’s all for a common reason; it’s really no big deal,
Nor is it a kind of treason; more like a big steal.

All efforts t’force your attention on work you have in hand,
Trying not to mention, it’s like swimmin’ through sand.

I know you see your error; I see it in your face,
Open eyes filled with terror, as you start to lose the race.

Now sit back down and breathe deep; no more procrastination,
This poem over now, so get back to your writing and stop wasting your time on useless pursuits!

-an annual post from Enrico Graffiti  (voted the World's Worst Poet).

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