Wednesday, June 5, 2013

a PACT… with YOU

Dear Reader-of-my-novels, yes, YOU; the one cowering behind my latest offering…

I would like ten minutes of your time; five now and five later.

As you immerse yourself in the world and events I have created, especially for your enjoyment, on the (electronic) page, do you ever wonder how those few hours of your reading pleasure came to be?

No, this isn’t a philosophical discussion.

It’s about scales, balances, Yin and Yang.

Payback, in short.

I sense a disturbance in the force; I’d like to make amends, with your help.

To do so, I propose a PACT. A PACT with YOU:

I, Eric J. Gates, do hereby promise
  1. To write intriguing, original, thrilling tales,
  2. To focus said tales on providing entertainment for You, dear Reader,
  3.  To transport you to new worlds, introduce you to new and interesting people, to involve you in breath-taking adventures; in short, to boldly go…
  4. I might make you miss your train or bus; I’ll give it my best shot,
  5. You may forget to pick up the kids, it’s happened…
  6. Your food/tea/coffee will go cold; almost a guarantee…
  7. I will alter Time; it will pass without you being aware.
  8. Above all, you will forget whatever troubles you have, for a while at least; the fate of my characters will become your only concern.

In return, my friend, I ask only one favour: 

Five minutes of your time, once you have finished reading one of my books, to write a short review and post it on Amazon or Goodreads. 

In doing so, not only are you providing inestimable feedback for me, you are sharing your opinion with others who may be searching for the same experience.

Help me, help your fellow readers; 

Yin and Yang; 

                                     Serenity will reign in the force; 

                                                                                            Tranquillity will have landed.

You can start NOW, if you wish…

If you have previously read ‘2012’, Full Disclosure’, the CULL’, or ‘Leaving Shadows’, there’s no time like the present…

Thank you.

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