Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Seven Superb Scribes you should read

My post this week is a summary of my Guests in the last few months. They shared their views and wisdom on a variety of subjects ranging from writing reviews to changing your perspective on your craft. Ladies and Gentlemen, don't miss this opportunity to discover the Seven Superb Scribes:

Andy Laker

(changing your perspective on writing)


John Dolan


Fionna Quinn

(how to co-author... the hard way)

Jonel Boyko

(the right way to write a book review)

Tamie Dearen

(so who is the best bad guy?)

Judith Lucci

(and how it can get you into trouble with the TSA)

Owen Jones

(how to take that first step)

Seven Superb Scribes as I mentioned.

And finally, one of my own modest contributions:

Eric J. Gates

(well the title says it all, right?)

Many more Guests will be here on the Thriller Writer blog in the coming months, so sign up on the right to become a follower and the posts will be sent to you automatically.

Best wishes to all,

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