Wednesday, July 8, 2015

9 STARS - you must read this

My post this week is a visit to NINE of the OUTSTANDING Guests that have graced the electronic pages of the blog in the last few months. If you've read the posts before, it's time for a re-read; if not, you have no idea what you've missed. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the NINE STARS I have featured so far this year (click on the author's name to read their post):

Kim Carmichael

on writing 'those books'

Seumas Gallacher

…one simple step for a Blogger… 
one giant step for a self-publishing Author…

How to get Constructive, Unbiased Critiques

If Your Character is a Monkey,
He’s Going to Act Like a Monkey

My Writing and Motivation Influences

Writing What You Don't Know

The Write Biz

The Word According

to Jekyll and Hyde

Thru the Eyes of an Indie

The Good, the Bad and the Awful!

although the number nine is full of good portent in oriental

philosophy, here in the west we tend to like things in batches of 

ten so, with no apologies...

Taking it to the Next Level!

My most sincere thanks to all my Guests.

All are superb authors, so read their novels

and don't forget to show your appreciation by leaving a review

- it's a writer's lifeblood!

Many more to come so please follow this writer blog.

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