Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Happy Kindle New Year to all my Readers & Friends

It's odd, you might say, that I should start 2017 with a WARNING

Very odd!

Yet I've been advised that I should...

You may have seen adverts on Social Media like this...

well, you should know, the series is


its characters, both heroes and villains; its fast-paced narrative; its blurring of good and bad...

will insinuate themselves into your waking hours,

will populate your dreams,

will have you begging for more...

...and what's worse...

there will be a fifth book this year...

...and that one will outdo all the others!

Read book 1 today... while its still FREE

Amazon Link

Oh, and don't forget... I did WARN you!

"Remember to breathe"

Happy New Year.

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