Thursday, August 31, 2017

the CULL - Blood Kill ............. BOOK LAUNCH

Today presents both a happy and a sad moment.

Happy because years of effort have come to fruition and fans of the adventures of Katie Lindon and Amy Bree will be able to read the final installment in 'the CULL' series.

Sad because it's time to say goodbye not just to two characters who have accompanied me since 2012, but the whole cast of 'the CULL' novels - Miach, Enrique, Tadhg Griffin, Jennifer Craven, Monsignor Santiago Cancelli; not to forget Interpol's Irene Laker and the FBI's Alan Marshall, among many others. It's almost like a family has moved from their cozy house next door to some far-off country.

Yes, the final book in this outstanding 5 STAR series is now available.

Let's give the series a fitting farewell.
Leave a review for each of the books on Amazon, please.

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The first 3 books in the series are also available in a single download: HERE

Adieu, or Au revoir?

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