Wednesday, March 14, 2012


91,000 words! 500,000 characters! I’ve just written the last full stop on the latest novel.

It’s a happy moment; it’s a sad moment.

Happy, because I’ve run the race I set out on, so many months ago.

Sad, because I won’t be putting my covert, psychopathic Assassin and the affable Chief of Police through any more adventures in the short term.

When you write novels, whatever genre, you get close to the characters you create with every page filled. You are in their minds, and they in yours. Through them, you live out so many actions that, if you had performed them yourself, you would be badly injured or maybe even dead. Yet they live on, to fight another day.

Ahead; weeks of re-writes, drafting and crafting.

Then… my Writer’s Lament comes to mind.

But I have my prize!

The first words of the next one are penned. New, strange, interesting characters are waiting to emerge, in this case, to populate our worst nightmares!

Watch for 'Full Disclosure' on Amazon in May

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