Sunday, April 29, 2012

BIG GIVEAWAY with ulterior motives

Not had much time for blogging, or almost anything else, this month. Finally, after intense work, the latest novel, Full Disclosure, is launched.

Well not quite. 
Officially it doesn't launch until May 1st, but to push it in the right direction, I decided to embark on an unprecedented 3-DAY Giveaway, not just for the latest novel, but for 2012 as well.

By visiting my web LINK HERE you will be taken to a page where direct links to Amazon's Kindle Store can be found, to make locating and downloading both books for FREE just that much easier.

Now I'm pushing ahead with the next one, the CULL; over eight chapters already written and more waiting to escape from the melting pot. That one is about Vampires - not the teenage sort, but the real ones! (No I'm not talking about Vlad Tepes either).

I have to confess I have ulterior motives for the giveaway: it's my modest way of helping certain people who have to go far from their families, for extended periods, to do their jobs, for paltry salaries and under great personal risk - the members of the ARMED FORCES. I've contacted all the Army, Air Force and Navy people I know to spread the word, and there is still time (the giveaway's last day is April 30th) if you know of any military personnel who would like free books for their Kindles.

Keep Safe.

Eric at
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