Friday, April 6, 2012

New trailer for Full Disclosure

As the launch nears for 'Full Disclosure', all sorts of good things are happening. One of these is a new cover design for the novel, including not just new graphics, but extracts from several of the reader reviews the novel has received.

Of course this meant having to re-do the book trailer

You Tube really need to re-think their policy about replacing existing videos - if you need to sign-in, thus proving you are the owner, why can't you change your video? It just seems so stupid and a waste of time to have to kill the old video, upload a new one, then change ALL the references to the new one on your web, blog, and a million other places.

I thought computers were supposed to make things easier. Maybe this is how people fight back!

Still hope you like the new cover and the new book trailer.

Launch end of this month for the novel, with a HUGE GIVEAWAY - go to my web for details.

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