Thursday, January 30, 2014

Discoverability - an issue affecting all

Usually on these pages I feature a post from a Guest Writer, and this week it's a little different. Friend and fellow scribe Laurence O'Bryan has gone proactive in tackling an issue that affects all authors - letting readers know you and your books exist. Here's what he has to say:

There are a thousand and one book promotion sites.

I opened to the public this month to provide a site for authors, which focuses on their novels. Their actual novels. 

I created the site to share my good fortune too. I have 198,453 followers on various Twitter and other accounts. And my novels are published in 11 languages.

One account alone @LPOBryan has 53, 406 real followers. I won’t bore you with a list of the others. You can email me: if you have any questions.

The benefits to writers and publishers of having their books on the site are:

1. To be displayed prominently alongside other credible writers. You can refer people to the page that will be created for you. It will have the cover, first page and a link to Amazon for whatever novel or novels you wish to put up.

2. You will also be listed on the associated mobile site and App.

3. The sites and your page will be promoted to a following of hundreds of thousands of readers every day. Competitions will be run each quarter to attract more readers and book buyers.

4. To have access to a support service with options on Amazon review gathering, website and social media advice. 

5. You will also receive a guide to social media rated highly on Amazon.

There will be no author photos and no discrimination on Discoverability is the buzz word that’s on the lips of all the publishing industry people in London and New York. But they don’t own all the channels any more. Authors can now be discovered directly by readers, through the power of a web site and a network of supporters all helping to promote that site. is a site based in Ireland, the home of influential writing. It’s supported by great writers and great writing sites around the world already and is open to any author, in any country writing in English. It will evolve too. For now we don’t have genre categories, but they are coming, as is a way for authors to promote their first pages on the site quickly and easily.

It will have new novels every Sunday. So come back again and again if you are looking for good books to read.

If you are an author or publisher and you want to reach a huge international audience, 50% U.S. based, 30% U.K. based and 10% based in Ireland, then get involved. Those 200,000 followers have a reach of 20 million, based only on each of them having a hundred followers. That’s the potential of social media. If you have something powerful to offer, a great story, it needs to be on this site. will feature quarterly eReader give away competitions to attract readers, credible authors and great writing.

That’s what we want to focus on. The writing. Reviews and rankings won’t be front and centre, nor will lists of other books people bought. The site has a simple layout, which encourages busy people to read a first page, and then to click through and buy the book.

Don’t miss out. Get involved. Support great writing. Visit

Laurence O’Bryan
Author & Founder

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